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Upon becoming a client of Sager Financial Group, we offer you complimentary weekly commentary from Tony. This page will be updated (as they become available) with Dwyer's public appearances on both CNBC and BNN Bloomberg Television Networks.  Enjoy!

Brace for painful rate hikes to fight surging inflation: Canaccord's Tony Dwyer

Source: YouTube CNBC Television, Jun 13, 2022

Stocks have a long way until they hit 'the bottom,' says Canaccord's Tony Dwyer

Source: YouTube CNBC Television, May 23, 2022

We're in a similar environment to the first half of 1994, says Canaccord’s Tony Dwyer

Source: YouTube, CNBC Television, May 10, 2022

Wall St. is overestimating recession risk, suggests Canaccord's Tony Dwyer

Source: YouTube, CNBC Television, Mar 28, 2022

I see a pathway to a better environment into year end, says Canaccord's Dwyer

Source: YouTube, CNBC Television, Mar 7, 2022

We're getting a great bounce in the stocks that were negatively impacted: Canaccord's Dwyer

Source: YouTube, CNBC Television, Feb 2, 2022

There will be a temporary bounce in growth stocks, says Tony Dwyer


Market bull Tony Dwyer sees ingredients for a 'volatile year,' predicts near-term pullback


We’re probably at the end of a market correction: Tony Dwyer


Rising Rate Backdrop Could Push Market Out of 'Summer Indigestion'


Summer of Indigestion Will Deliver Opportunity for Investors


Don't make any big market moves till there's more clarity from the Fed


Tony Dwyer Discusses the Big Tech Sell-off


The Market's Vulnerable to a Significant Pullback Because it's so Overbought


'Time to take some profits,' says Canaccord's Tony Dwyer, who downgrades market ahead of earnings.


We're getting rolling rotation with interest rate uncertainty


Financials downgraded on signal that 10-year yields are near their peak


Reddit rebellion is sparking instability that will subside: Market bull Tony Dwyer



Market bull Tony Dwyer says to buy if market pulls back in 2021



Rally is entering a temporary 'chill zone,' Canaccord's Tony Dwyer warns



Market bull Tony Dwyer says the election is neutralizing tail risk.




Macro Strategy - January 5th, 2021

WATCH Tony on Fast Money on CNBC talking about buying a correction:

For 2020, The Nasdaq, Russell 2000 and S&P 500 indices were up 43%, 18% and 16%, respectively. While mega-cap stay-at-home stocks drove the markets in the first half of the year, the second half was dominated by the outperformance of companies and industries benefiting from a synchronized global recovery. The second half of 2020 was very different than the first half because investors began to discount the potential impact of historic excess liquidity on global expectations following the discovery of multiple Covid-19 vaccines. A few observations on the second half market ramp:

Smaller capitalization companies took the win in the second half of 2020 over larger cap S&P 500 companies (38% vs 21%)

Cyclicals led the way: the top three performing sectors were Industrials, Materials and Financials with returns of 29%, 28% and 27% for the last 6 months of the year

Emerging Markets Outperformed: The Morgan Stanley Capital International Index (MSCI) World index gained 30% as investors began to accept the possibility that the global economy was beginning to recover

Economic-Sensitive Commodities Jumped - Surging since the end of June, Copper and Oil were up by 30% and 24%.

Staying with favored areas while watching indicators

As we kickoff 2021, three of our four indicators remain stretched. Investors weigh on worsening COVID-19 trends, the Georgia Runoff Election, and implications of a state-sponsored hacking of US Government agencies and businesses:

Optimism is retracting: the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) exposure index, has recently shown less equity market enthusiasm following a record string of weeks

An extreme intermediate-term overbought condition - Overbought is a term in technical analysis describing a condition when the price of a financial instrument increases so much that the buyers loses its faith and believe that a correction is due, selling pressure becomes dominant, results in decline in price.

Volatility sending mixed Messages - Despite volatility levels decreasing below pandemic highs, the index remains in elevated territory given the issues highlighted above

In summary, we continue to hold existing positions given our positive core fundamental thesis, but are patiently waiting for our key tactical indicators to suggest a more attractive entry point given any meaningful weakness.

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