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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!


  • I am so lucky and grateful to have Kathy as my investment advisor. Not only is she a top notch advisor, she’s caring, compassionate and connects on a personal level with her clients. For the past 20+ years while I've grown to appreciate and benefit from the many facets of Kathy’s investment knowledge, the value of my investments has also steadily grown! She lives, eats and breathes all things investments (except for when she’s focusing on her opera singing daughter or rescuing dogs).

    Her enthusiasm and passion towards her work are like no other. The breadth and depth of her knowledge base are a testament to how hard she has worked over decades to establish herself as a well respected industry leader. She diligently follows the markets and trends while meticulously researching funds and their managers. Despite how well versed she is in the complex investment field, she can distill it to make sense to the “common folk’ like me.

    Even though her resume is padded with an impressive array of accomplishments and awards, she is incredibly humble, refreshingly genuine and has always treated me with respect. I’ve never felt like she had more important issues and clients to tend to even though the net worth of my portfolio isn’t exactly at the top end.

    I am always fascinated by how Kathy is able to accomplish so many things during our quarterly check-in meetings. Her multi-tasking prowess is in full force as she updates me on the status of my investments, educates me on emerging trends, determines what needs shifting and where to shift it all while we are catching up on our personal lives and sharing stories of our beloved fur babies!!

    Her professional, helpful, courteous and approachable staff are a reflection of the positive and productive working environment Kathy has created. Not only is she is the quintessential role model to women, her career trajectory is an inspiration to all.This consummate professional is realistic, practical and a straight shooter. She keeps my expectations in check and reminds me about market corrections. However, her consistent results are evidence of her ability to successfully navigate through the full spectrum of financial circumstances. Her calm demeanor, steady approach, unwavering work ethic and proven track record provide me with all I need to trust her wholeheartedly to manage my family’s investments to meet our short and long term goals.

    I thank her for her steadfast dedication and commitment to her work and to building meaningful relationships with her clients.  I truly appreciate Kathy as an investment advisor and also as a friend. 

        Julie, West Vancouver


  • At the end of our appointment with Kathy the other day, we were thinking back to how long we had known each other and how long Kathy had been advising me on my financial affairs. Hard to believe but it was more than 35 years! We met when a friend and I signed up for a class that Kathy gave on investing for women. Following that, I invested what little money I had with Kathy and the rest is history. More than three decades later, I am a relatively rich woman, in my eyes at least. I owe it all to Kathy. I would not be where I am today if not for Kathy’s expertise, her knowledge and the care she brings to looking after my account. My son, daughter-in-law and daughter all have accounts with Kathy now too which speaks to how much we trust her and feel confident in the advice she gives us all on a regular basis. Thank you Kathy!

        Shirley S., Surrey


  • "As a long term client of Kathy Sager I have been so blessed, she continues to deliver year over year, excellent asset management advice both for myself and family members. So attuned to changes in the markets, her forward thinking insights are exceptional. I know of no other advisor that offers the level of thoroughness and rigorous attention to detail that she offers. And, all of this wrapped up with heartfelt warmth and a genuine caring for the wellbeing of her clients! A simple thank you hardly seems enough, but is extended most sincerely,"

        Arleigh, Naramata, BC


  • “Kathy Sager is not only the consummate professional but also a very personable and supportive individual. She has been my financial advisor for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable and is sensitive to my level of comfort re: investment risk, so she tailors my portfolio accordingly. I have the utmost confidence in Kathy's ability to continue to increase the value of my portfolio at a most positive rate. I am fortunate to be her client."

        Sincerely, Lois, West Vancouver


  • "Over 30 years ago, after selling a rental house, I had some money to invest but had no clue how or where. I asked my accountant to recommend a financial planner. He was reluctant to do so at first but then said he had a client that always seemed to get it right regarding money matters. He gave me the number of Kathy Sager. Ironically, soon after that referral, a colleague recommended a different financial planner. I decided to split my money between the two and see who performed better. Kathy won that standoff so I switched everything to her and have been with her ever since.

    When you go for surgery you don't care much about the doctor having good bed side manner but you do want good results. The same is true with your investments. However, the bonus with Kathy Sager's company is that Kathy and her staff are not only competent and make your money work for you but they are also nice people, friendly and very helpful. I always enjoy working with them. Of course economies and markets will fluctuate but if you stick with Kathy and your personalized plan, you will do well. I take pleasure in recommending Kathy Sager and her staff to you."

        Cheers, Ross, Coquitlam


  • "I came to Kathy as a novice in need of good advice for a modest sum to be invested. Over the years, you have taken a small investment and made it into a pension I would have never dreamed was possible! It will serve me very well and give me the security I need in my retirement. I appreciate your approach as you always have a grasp of the current market trends and give a broad overview as well as trusted research on new or changing investment options. Everything is always explained in a way that is understandable and accessible to me. I consistently feel my pension is on the cutting edge of wise and sound advise. The Sager Team is brilliant, always responsive and attentive to my account as I have had excellent service over the years! Thanks again for helping me achieve my goals... I couldn't of done it without you!"

        Regards, Stephen, Vancouver


  • "Kathryn Sager has been my financial advisor for over 15 years.  She has managed my personal and corporate investments, as well as my RSP and trust accounts for the grandchildren.  I am very pleased with the results.  I appreciate her familiarity with the skills of the various fund managers, and extensive knowledge of the current financial trends. Kathryn is dedicated to her clients' financial well being and education, giving timely advice in the six monthly comprehensive reviews.  Her efficient team extends excellent service when necessary.  I am very happy with Kathryn’s management of my investments."

        Best, Claire, West Vancouver


  • "Kathy Sager has been my Financial Advisor for the past 20 years and has provided exemplary financial growth, stability and peace of mind. We meet at least four times a year (or as needed) and discuss my portfolio in depth. Perhaps what is most impressive about her is breadth of understanding of the equities and other funds she is considering for investment and evaluates their performance in the context of national and world-wide events and trends. She has taken the time and effort to personally meet and get to know many of the fund managers to better understand their thinking. She clearly discusses and explains the reasons for her investment recommendations. She also maintains and manages a professional and helpful advisory team that consistently provides timely support services when needed (periodic cash transfers, copies of tax and other documents etc.). It seems to me that being a Financial Advisor is more that just a job to Kathy- she really enjoys helping people understand and manage their financial needs."

        Sincerely, John, Burnaby


  • "Hi Kathy, Enjoyed our chat the other day.  I just wanted to write to say Thank You.  Since opening my account with you in late 2019, you have managed it so well that the value of my investments have tripled already (August 2021).  I now have more peace of mind that with continued growth under your excellent guidance, I will be able to afford my old age.  Again, thank you."

        Mary H., Vancouver